PowerA’s upcoming Star Fox figure won’t break the bank


PowerA is set to release a Limited Edition (5,000 units) Star Fox figure out into the wild on February 22, and it’ll be a GameStop exclusive priced at $79.99.

The company sent over a sample for me to check out, and considering it’s made of resin (the only material that isn’t is the visor), it has some heft to it. The statue features none other than Fox McCloud, and at 8 inches, it’s enough to make a splash without taking up too much room. He sets nicely into the base without too much trouble, but you’ll need to glue him there for a more permanent stay (the instructions for where to glue are fairly detailed however).

Having felt the build quality and examined the paintjob, it’s not as amazing as say, a First 4 Figures statue, but since those things usually go for $200 or more, you’re making a decent tradeoff here. The certificate of authenticity has that nice “Official Nintendo Licensed Product” seal, and although mine isn’t numbered, official figures will be out of 5,000.

As a general rule there isn’t much Star Fox merchandise to go around, so hardcore fans will probably enjoying showing this off.

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