Power A’s PS3 accessories look good, nuff said

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Along with their Wii accessories, Power A also showed me what they got cooking for the PS3. Out of everything they showed me during E3, I liked the Power A Pro Elite Wireless Controller the most. The control features rumble, SIXAXIS and textured grips that feel good in the hands. The entire thing feels a hell of a lot better than the standard controller especially in terms of the trigger buttons. The wireless version will go for $49.99 while the wired controller will be go for just $20. Cheap, but at the cost of the SIXAXIS function.

I also got to see the 3-in-1 remote which is a DVD remote, chat pad and retro style controller all-in-one. The chat pad will still work while you’re using the regular PS3 controller and feels comfortable while holding it as a retro controller. I did notice that the controller slides out of place a little in the closed position. This will set you back $39.99. This and the PS3 controllers will be out in September.

The last item on display was the Media Expansion Bar for the PS3. This will plug in right in front of a PS3 Slim and adds three more USB ports. There’s also a SD, Pro Duo and Flash card support in the bar. It’ll go for $19.99 when it’s on sale later this month.

I really prefer these Power A controllers over the standard ones. I imagine it will be hard to sell them though as they’re going for the same price as a regular controller.

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