Pour one out for Nintendo’s Project Giant Robot

It’s officially canceled

For some time now, it has seemed unlikely that Project Giant Robot would ever see the light of day. Were any of you keeping hope alive for the clumsy robot brawler? You can abruptly stop that now.

Nintendo has confirmed to Polygon that the experimental Wii U title, first shown at E3 2014 and notably demoed by Shigeru Miyamoto, is no more. In a statement, a representative said the decision came about “after considering our overall product and development strategy.”

It’s a shame. I mean, I didn’t think the game looked particularly good in its limited E3 showing, but the concept itself — skyscraper-sized bots banging against each other, with the player peering through the Wii U GamePad for a first-person point of view — was something. The kernel was there.

We’ll always have this ridiculous moment, at least.

Nintendo kills Project Giant Robot [Polygon]

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