Potential new Resident Evil character spotted for Umbrella Chronicles

Resident Evil fansite REhorror.net has done some online sleuthing like a collection of Internet matlocks to discover what looks to be a potential new addition to the Resi universe hidden in the official site of the upcoming Umbrella Chronicles game. The above shot is from a desktop wallpaper which was lying dormant in the official site’s root archive, waiting to be unearthed like some rare kind of fossil, a fossil with a mysterious power to whip up a nerdy frenzy as the RE fancore descend into speculative nonsense.

I don’t know what the die-hards are all making of this, but I do know that REhorror is claiming he looks like Morpheus D. Duvall from Dead Aim. They rule out his inclusion as a possibility, however, due to the fact he was apparently killed in 2002 while Wesker’s scenario in Umbrella Chronicles takes place in 2003. Mind you … when has something as inconsequential as complete annihilation ever stopped them?

Whether this is noteworthy or not, a new official US site for Resident Evil is up and running, and that is a thing that is interesting, so check it out or I’ll kill you.

James Stephanie Sterling