Postal: The Movie; light-hearted satire or the next The Satanic Verses?

The creators of the Postal series have always been fans of pushing the envelope of good taste. Describing them as a less satiric version of Matt Stone and Trey Parker would be pretty accurate, although there are a number of fourteen year olds who could confuse using a cat’s anus as a silencer for a rifle as some kind of satire. Then again, fourteen year olds, by default, have a horrible grasp on satire, irony, and almost everything Dennis Miller has ever said.

Hit the jump for excerpts from an interview conducted by Next-Gen that explains exactly why the upcoming Postal movie will more than not likely lead to the death of a beloved auteur.

Next-Gen conducted an interview with Vince Desi, CEO of Running With Scissors, where he explains why the upcoming Postal movie can get away with a gag involving crashing a passenger plane into a skyscraper (and I cannot). Here’s a quote from the man himself;

In a preview of the Postal movie, directed by the infamous Uwe Boll, a passenger airliner is shown crashing into a window washer on a skyscraper. Other scenes include kids getting shot.

Desi added, “While it’s always funny to mock evil, and let’s face it that’s what these [terrorists] are, we at RWS also try our best to distinguish between dark-spirited satire and purposely hurtful personal attacks, which we do not condone.”

Judging from reaction to the movie preview, people seem to feel that Postal the movie goes beyond simple satire.

Apparently most of the people who have seen early footage from the film can’t quite grasp the subtle humor that the director, Herr Uwe Boll, exudes onto every frame of this film, so, in essence it’s the audience’s fault for being offended by reenactments of horrible tragedy! Desi continues;

When asked if such a 9/11 gag would be okay five years ago, he stated, “IT’S NOT OK TODAY [emphasis his]. Almost anything is acceptable for satire as long as the intent of the satire isn’t hateful.”

“I don’t know anything that’s funny about mass murder,” he added.

It’s almost like he’s arguing against his own point, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest proponent of free, unfettered speech since Jesus Christ defeated the Nazis, freed the slaves and nursed a baby eagle back to health all in one glorious, blood-soaked afternoon, but, in a purely capitalistic sense, this entire exercise seems to be fuelled by idiocy and cocaine. The only people inane enough to find enjoyment in the execrable humor concocted by Messrs. Boll and Desi would be the same people who blindly follow the jingoism of phrases such as “Stay The Course”; the same people who would club a person to death for bringing up the mass slaughter of five-thousand people on 9/11 as a joke. 

Will the movie be bad? Of course. Will it be bad enough that Vince Desi and Uwe Boll could be publicly eviscerated? Quite possibly. 

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