Postal is getting an HD remake

No word on a re-release of the movie

Postal, the unofficial prequel to Hatred, is getting the HD remake treatment after almost twenty years. I was actually kind of surprised to learn the original game isn’t a first-person shooter, like the more infamous sequel. This one almost seems reasonable by comparison? It’ll also be interesting to see how the game is received in the modern political climate — the press release refers to Postal as “a title which became a symbol for free speech in gaming.” 

There’s ostensibly some additional content to go along with the new visuals, like a “Rampage Mode” that adds Hotline Miami-esque killstreak scoring. Otherwise, the game’s original sensibilities appear intact, right down to its underlying intent to shock.

Postal Redux is hitting Windows, SteamOS, and Mac in the Spring, with a PS4 release to follow.

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