Possible Shadow of the Colossus sequel? ICO sequel?

Ears will surely perk with this news of a potential sequel for the PlayStation 2 title Shadow of the Colossus… or is it an ICO sequel? As of now, nothing is confirmed, but a quote from the Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) gives us something to go on.

“We asked Sony boss Kaz Hirai what was going on with Team ICO a couple of months back,” alleges OPM. “As he was pleading ignorance, one of the other execs present blurted out, ‘I’m pretty sure they’re doing the sequel.'”

We won’t be picky. A PS3 version of either title would be great, although I’d have to lean more towards a second Shadow of the Colossus. Shadow still stands as one of my top ten games of all time, not to mention my number one “best game to scream at.”

Let’s hope we hear more soon.

[via Gamepro

Dale North