Possible new Wii SKU on the way to stores?

Since the end of last week, we’ve been receiving tips from several people/sites making mention of a new Nintendo Wii SKU, although most of them were dirty piles of speculation that have rolled down the hill, resulting in a pile of brown sludge that we didn’t want to have anything to do with.

The only bit of information we’ve seen that is even remotely solid comes from Codename Revolution, who learned from their distributor contact that a Wii SKU (UPC# 045496880088) is headed towards retailers, and it’s being called the “New Pack.” It lists for $289.99 Canadian. 

We’ve heard rumors about silly things like the inclusion of DVD playback, but the SKU is probably something a bit less exciting, like early listings for Wii Zapper or Wii Fit bundles. A new console color or game pack-in bundle wouldn’t be too far out there, either.

Dale North