Portal themed DS is my favorite fan creation yet

Right around the time of the New Year, the game sites of the interwebs were literally drowning in Portal fan items, from plush Companion Cubes to GlaDOS inspired knitting. As much fun as it was to see so much enthusiasm for a videogame, I think by that time we were all a little burned out on Portal fancrafts. Luckily, the internet found other things to obsess over and moved on, which makes the apperance of this Portal DS skin a hell of a lot more welcome.

This fan used the popular Portal art by Deviant artist McGibs that popped up a few months ago and skinned his DS with it, top and bottom, creating a really great looking continous design that shows best when the DS is open (see gallery.) Nice job, Sir! He actually printed the pic out on photo quality paper and then slipped it under his DS Lite’s clear cover.

That really makes me want to get a clear cover and just change it out whenever I’m in the mood. It looks like a few other people have seen this DS and followed suit, and I can’t say I blame them. Of course, I have a soft spot for customization.

[Via DS Fanboy – Thanks, Justin] 


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