Portal: Still Alive details

When we last left Portal: Still Alive, we were very unsure as to what the XBLA title would contain. Valve was cool enough to tell us that Achievements were confirmed, but not much else. GameSetWatch was able to corner Valve’s Doug Lombardi and get a few answers.

The game is indeed a standalone version of the Portal sold with the Orange Box set, with several new levels. These newer levels will not feature any sort of story elements associated with the original game, including GLaDOS’ murmurings. Also, Still Alive is set to be an XBLA exclusive, which doesn’t mean much considering the way Final Fantasy XIII showed us how exclusivity can change hands quickly.

There is also mention that all of the new levels are apparently going to come from Portal: The Flash Version MapPack, which is a Portal enhancement from the popular flash game. This is especially interesting considering that the flash version of Portal is simply a fan created game. Regardless of the validity of the new map offerings, I’m sure we’re all excitedly waiting for the next incarnation of Portal on XBLA.

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