Portal dev hops in portal, heads to Airtight Games

Kim Swift — maybe you’ve heard of her. She had a lead role in the making of Portal, which you also may have heard of. Kind of a big deal. Like “among the top 10 games of the decade” big deal

Swift has now moved on over to Airtight Game, whose first title, Dark Void for Capcom, ships early next year. It’s said that Swift will be team leader in developing “games aimed at a more diverse audience.” 

Random thing I noticed while reading the press release Airtight sent out about this: Jim Deal is the president of Airtight Games. You take his last name and Swift’s first, and you get “Kim Deal.” You know, from what Pixies? Right, guys?

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Congratulations, and best to luck to Swift in her new gig!

Nick Chester