Portal 2’s user-created levels possible on all platforms

Console gamers typically get the shaft when it comes to user-created content in popular FPS games. But Valve is giving Portal 2 buyers some hope for cross-platform compatibility. Speaking with NowGamer, Valve’s Chet Falizek explained that while the level editing tools for the game are limited to the PC version, “the content that comes out is agnostic, and so we will be seeing that on all the platforms.”

Falizek went on to clarify that different platforms will be seeing different delivery methods, confirming that PS3 users would receive user-created content via Steamworks. Which leaves only the Xbox 360 in question. Microsoft has proven very resistant to the idea of free content, so one wonders what scheme Valve will cook up to get all of this content in the hands of players.

If they even try. Valve could hardly be blamed for delivering one massive content pack of the very best user levels three months after release for free on the 360 and then washing their hands of it. At that point, they would have done enough to say they supported the platform in as much as the platform will allow. Then detractors can just point fingers at Microsoft and everybody is happy.

Portal 2 Mod Levels ‘For All Platforms’ [NowGamer via CVG]

Conrad Zimmerman