Portable Super Nintendo makes me hot for cartridges again

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One could argue that the miniaturization of classic game consoles into a portable device is kind of silly in this day and age. With the continual re-releases of older titles and [cough] emulation, lugging around Super Nintendo cartridges seems like a bit of a hassle.

Seeing the “portablization” of a Super Nintendo by BenHeck.com forum member Life of Brian has completely changed my mind. He says this is his third mini-SNES overall; this one was built on commission. I wonder how much he charges.

This thing is beautiful. After being wowed by his completion post, I checked out his construction forum thread. It blew my mind! I had no idea how much work went into making one of these.

On this new portable, the SNES cartridge sits flush with the top and back, unlike its predecessor. The new one is a sleek white little number, with original SNES controller buttons and internal batteries. There’s also a headphone port and A/V jacks. You can’t emulate this stuff!

Be sure to check out this image of an upcoming newer model, which is even smaller in size.

I would gladly pay for one of these. What about you?

[Via TechDigest]

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