Portable Dreamcast: too good to be true?

Tipsters: don’t f*ck with me, and please don’t throw words like “Dreamcast” and “Saturn” around carelessly. When I hear those words, I instinctively think of my bank balance and begin calculating if I can afford to buy what I am about to hear of. Fortunately, I’ll be able to save some of my money here, as I don’t think I’ll be buying one of these.

I will grant the creator an “A” for effort, though. But it’s not production-ready yet; think of this portable Dreamcast as a prototype. The soft-spoken creator says that this portable runs off a 12-volt battery, has a 5″ screen, two speakers, and even some green and pink marshmallow-looking trigger buttons. The back door flips open to expose a heap of Dreamcast innards under the GD-ROM drive unit, where the game disc is loaded.

Unfortunately, almost half of this video is load times. But we’ll blame the Dreamcast for that. In the end, this is a good prototype, and I’ve become giddy imagining the possibilities.

It’s almost stupid to ask this, but would you be interested in a slimmed-down, production-ready version of this portable Dreamcast? 

Dale North