Popping Cherries: Pokemon Snap

Photos of memories new and old

Pokémon Snap was a spin-off for the Nintendo 64 built around the unusual premise of photographing Pokémon. It was quite popular back in the day, and has garnered adoration from many fans who still hope to one day see a sequel. I’m one of those people, having owned the title since it first released. I’ve always had fond memories of trying to capture the perfect shot of Pikachu on a surfboard, but not everyone got around to trying this quirky entry in the Pokémon franchise.

In this episode of Popping Cherries, CJ Andriessen and I sat down for a discussion about what Pokémon Snap means to us, delving into topics like Professor Oak’s aversion to art, Blockbuster’s Pokémon Snap Station marketing campaign, and Todd Snap’s history as we try to determine whether the N64 exclusive still holds up today and what allowed it to become so popular in the past.

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