PopCap parodies obnoxious Evony ads with one of their own

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I’m sure you’ve seen those damned Evony ads around the internet lately. Nothing about these ads for the free-to-play online game is memorable, save for the focus on busts and cleavage. We’re not the only ones who noticed these ads, though. The fine folks at PopCap have also come across these eyesores of internet advertising, but instead of complaining, they poke fun.

Their kickass tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies is used to make fun of these Evony ads. How? By giving a zombie massive melons. It’s all set in a sidebar-style banner that totally rips on the visual style of the Evony ones. “Save your lover,” it mocks, with the same phrase the Evony ads used. “Undead Forever” replaces “Free Forever.”

Well played, PopCap. See the full PopCap parody ad below the jump. 

[via Offworld]

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