PopCap gets $22.5m in funding, buys cool office chairs

Sorry. I made up the office chairs part. But PopCap did secure $22.5 million in funding from an investment firm, and I’m sure they’ll upgrade their offices in some form. This is the first time that the company has raised cash for operations, though. They’ve managed to stay profitable for ten years now on their own.

So why take the cash now? PopCap CEO David Roberts says that the time is right to grow their business, especially seeing as how “many other video game firms are retrenching.”

As for what they’re going to do with this new influx of money, it sounds like expansion is on their minds. “We’re excited to have additional working capital that lets us be more aggressive with our expansion into social media and reaching new geographies,” Roberts said.

That’s great, and I hope they do good things. First item: Put Zuma’s Revenge on XBLA, please!

Dale North