PopCap Games teases gore-less ‘zombie apocalypse’ game

I have a confession to make: on a recent trip to the West Coast, I spent the entirety of my flight playing PopCap’s Bejewled Twist. We’re talking somewhere in the vicinity of five hours. Oh, and then I also played it on my way home.

Last night, I played the cooperative zombie survival of Left 4 Dead for as many hours. Now, PopCap may have found a way to monopolize every second of my time.

“It’ll be a few months, but our next new game will be worth the wait … ‘zombie apocalypse’ the PopCap way,” PopCap PR representative Garth Chouteau told BBPS. “no blood, no gore, but blood-curdlingly fun and addictive just the same.”

If said game were just Bejeweled Twist with brains instead of gems and zombie faces in place of certain colors, they’d have my $20. Or $40. I’m a man of simple tastes (i.e. human flesh), and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing where this one is going.


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