Pop, splat: Emergency Mayhem for the Wii paints a bleak picture of Crisis City

Crisis City is a disater. Why anyone would want to live in this town is beyond me. Fires rage, bombs tick, hungry monkeys are on the loose. Where are the tax dollars of the citizens of Crisis City going? You’ve got to be a real piece of work to want to put up with those kinds of headaches. But if you move to a place called Crisis City, you get what you deserve, I suppose.
Codemasters is hoping you’re up to the task of dealing with these big city problems, and have announced Emergency Mayhem for the Wii. The game is said to mix driving with arcade mini-games in over 30 missions that have you trying to keep this hell-hole of a city from falling apart. From the looks of the trailer, the game seems to have you doing it all, from defusing a bomb to dealing with maniacal monkeys at a grocery store.
Bounce, beat, wobble, weld, tip, tilt, pop, pump, zap, splat … and that’s only ten of the mini-games included in Emergency Mayhem. I can’t even imagine the words they’ll be using to describe the other twenty when this Wii exclusive title launches in Q2 2008.
Nick Chester