Poor EA! UFC 2 is now covered by losers

Both cover stars just lost embarassing fights

When EA decided to split cover star billing on UFC 2 it made so much sense. Throw the most popular, then-undefeated women’s MMA fighter next to the most popular men’s MMA fighter. That’s some chip shot marketing. A gimme.

Then Ronda Rousey (at the time 12-0) got knocked the fuck out in November by Holly Holm. And it’s not like she was usurped by a powerhouse. Holm held the UFC championship for one fight. She lost it over the weekend to Miesha Tate, whom Rousey has beaten twice (without getting too transitive).

Then there’s Conor McGregor, the Irish heel who belongs in a WWE ring. He was fast tracked to champion, top-billing status by UFC because he was sellable. He mostly hasn’t beaten anyone good, but got a title shot (postponed after his opponent broke a rib in training) anyways, because he is marketable. After his replacement fight with the proper next-in-line to the champ, Rafael dos Anjos, was also called because de Anjos broke his foot, McGregor agreed to fight vegan stoner Nate Diaz (the #5 lightweight) — who is also an asshole, just not a polished, manufactured one.

He proceeded to get choked the fuck out in the second round.

Buy EA Sports’ UFC 2. IF YOU’RE A LOSER. (Or enjoyed the last one.)

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