Pollen Sonata on its way to the Wii? Maybe?


This is curious. An unnamed, unsigned Danish developer has posted a video of its current Wii project on Youtube in the hope of finding a publisher. There’s nothing to identify them on the page other than the username “ChronoDK,” and there’s no link to any Web site. 

Just as intriguing is the game. The trailer is brief, but appears to show a cross between a flight sim, platformer and 3D puzzler, with the player controlling a small nugget of pollen as it journeys through a bright, summery garden in an attempt to find a flower.

Obviously this is just a sketch of what the eventual game will hopefully be, but it’s already enough to draw me in. While I’m loath to start making comparisons at this early stage, if what we see here is extrapolated into a full game, we could well have something very similar to Pilotwings on our hands, with a dash of Pikmin in the environmental design. Of course, it could easily turn out to be a far-future, mech-based FPS with a circus theme and pancake making mini-games for all I know, but it’s definitely looking like something far more subtle and sedate than that at the moment. 

The trailer’s also helped by some great pencil-and-paper-style design in the introduction, and a frankly beautiful score which suits the almost-painted textures of the game perfectly. The game also seems to have one of those “finding the epic in the small, unseen events in life” plots, and I’m a total sucker for them. Here’s hoping we see more on this soon. 

[Via Kotaku

David Houghton