Poll: Netflix raises cost of most popular plan by $1, what do you do?

Stock jumps over 5%

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Netflix is looking to enter the riot business. The company announced that its most popular plan, currently $9.99, will now cost $10.99 / mo. The premium plan which allows simultaneously play on four screens (locations) will jump from $11.99 / mo. to $13.99.

That’s no joke about its stock price; the company hit an all-time high after the plan was announced.

No convenient graphic was available to demonstrate the impact on consumers’ wallets, but somehow I suspect the effect will be minimal.

Let’s conduct an informal, totally unscientific poll: 

  • Do you have Netflix? Y/N
  • Will you keep it with new pricing? Y/N
  • Whose account do you use to watch Netflix? (A) Parent (B) Significant other (C) Other family (D) Friend (E) There’s something wrong with you and you pay for it yourself.

Greedy corporation Netflix is taking all the tips from the strippers [USA Today]

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