Poll: 72% of adults support violent game restrictions

A new poll has been conducted by Common Sense Media that claims 72% of American adults would support the kind of regulation that California has been trying to impose on videogames for years, restricting by law the sale of violent games to minors. 

According to the poll, which asked 2100 people, 65% of parents are worried about the affects of violent videogames, and 75% say they would rate the industry negatively when it came to protecting their children.

You have to love this idea that it’s the game industry’s responsibility to protect children. Why is it that the parents are never the ones being held accountable for what their dirty little children are consuming?

Ultimately, the problem should not be with those who sell the games, but with those who are letting the kids by them. It disgusts me that politicians like those in California refuse to put any blame on irresponsible parents and instead blame both the industry and the game stores. 

If your child is too young to play God of War, guess what! It’s too young to be given $60 and thrown into a GameStop unattended. 

Poll: 72 percent of adults would support sales ban on violent games to kids [GamePro via HBG]

James Stephanie Sterling