Politician says Canada is angry about Medal of Honor

Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay has become the latest in a growing line of people who presume to speak for their entire country and for every soldier in the world, criticizing Medal of Honor for its Taliban shenanigans and implying that anybody who enjoys the upcoming game hates Western freedom.

“The men and women of the Canadian Forces, our allies, aid workers, and innocent Afghans are being shot at, and sometimes killed, by the Taliban,” says MacKay, telling us something we totally didn’t know. “This is reality. I find it wrong to have anyone, children in particular, playing the role of the Taliban. I’m sure most Canadians are uncomfortable and angry about this.”

There’s the Canadian Minister of Defense, deciding to project his own feelings onto an entire nation, and also deciding that an M-rated game is being designed for children. 

By the way, I heard Electronic Arts was building a Mosque on Ground Zero out of the bones of American babies IS THIS TRUE!?

Another MOD Criticizes MOH [GamePolitics]

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