Police recover £600K of stolen PS3 games, then get it re-stolen

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Her Majesty’s finest! British police recovered £600,000 of stolen PlayStation 3 games from a lorry in Leeds, only to lose the entire haul again overnight.

Seven pallets of PS3 games were stolen, including 16,000 copies of Brothers in Arms. The lorry and the swag was held in a police depot, where criminals broke in, stole the goods, and made clean their getaway. Easy come, easy go?

“We are pursuing a number of lines of enquiry, including eBay transactions where a number of the games have been potentially identified as being advertised for sale,” stated a police rep. “Arrests have already been made in respect of this,”

In other news, 16,000 copies of Infinite Undiscovery were also stolen. The games were quickly returned and the robbers handed themselves in.

James Stephanie Sterling