Pole’s Big Adventure will have you casting your rod for days

I know I always say Japan gets all the best games, but seriously, the fact that Pole’s Big Adventure is a Sega game for WiiWare in which you eat a mushroom and get an erection … well, I need to move to Japan. That’s all.

Siliconera posted about the quirky title recently, also mentioning that it plays a lot like an old Famicom game and has intentional slowdown and misplaced sprites. For a person who didn’t grow up with old games, that probably sounds like a huge headache, but to me it sounds both hilarious and incredible.

You can check out more video of the game here. I’m not even going to bother wishing for this, as I think it’s safe to say a game including boners is not coming my way anytime soon.

Colette Bennett