Pole Position animated series now on Hulu

So, there I was, scrolling through the recently-added list of videos on Hulu as I’m known to do on a daily basis, when my mind was utterly blown by childhood memories. Pole Position, the Saturday morning cartoon based on the videogame of same name, is currently available for your viewing pleasure. All 13 corny, wonderful episodes of it.

The show has practically nothing to do with the videogame, which we’re all well aware has one of the deepest storylines in gaming. Instead of following the adventures of a Formula-1 race car driving down the same, nondescript road stretching into infinity, it’s about a brother/sister team of stunt drivers who, teamed with their artificially-intelligent cars “Roadie” and “Wheels,” fight crime as part of a secret organization called “The Pole Position Team.”

If that’s not amazing enough to get you to run over and gawk at a few episodes, I don’t know what possibly could be. 

Pole Position [Hulu]

Conrad Zimmerman