Pokken Tournament’s special Wii U controller will allegedly work on Switch

It’s still a silly, lovely remote

Pokken DX was announced yesterday, slowly chipping away in part at the legacy of the Wii U, but one question was on all our minds — what about that wacky Pokken controller that was modeled after the one used in Japanese arcades?

We’ve reached out to both Nintendo and Bandai Namco for comment, but in the meantime, reputable Pokemon news site Serebii has manage to confirm that the Wii U Pokken controller will work with the Switch DX version.

For science purposes I plugged my remote into the Switch (which slots nicely via USB), but failed to get it working in any capacity by way of the home screen. That’s expected, because just like a few other specialized controllers it’ll likely interact directly with Pokken DX. If you missed out on this (still widely available for roughly $10-$25) remote don’t worry, it’s functional, but not needed outside of its novelty value.

Pokken [Serebii.net]

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