Poker Night at the Inventory entices players with TF2 items

How do you get people who aren’t normally interested in poker to buy your poker videogame? Simple. Have it focus on beloved personalities rooted deeply within gamer culture, price it at $4.95, and heck — might as well make sure unlockable items for Team Fortress 2 are included while you’re at it.

That is precisely what Telltale’s Poker Night at the Inventory is doing, anyway, and I’ll be legitamately shocked if they don’t make a killing off of it. Attached are images of those items, which will appear in special rounds of the game. Win the round, and the item is yours. Here’s the list:

  • “The Iron Curtain” weapon for the Heavy
  • Max’s Lugermorph handgun for the Scout and the Engineer; Max’s Freelance Police badge wearable by any class
  • Wrist watch from Penny Arcade’s Tycho for the Spy
  • Homestar Runner’s “Dangeresque” sunglasses for the Demoman

Lastly, there is the Heavy’s poker visor, which you can be the proud owner of by pre-ordering Poker Night at the Inventory.

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