Pokepark looks graphically horendous

The above video features new footage of Pokepark for the Wii from a segment of a Japanese show called Sunday Poke… *ahem,* excuse me… SUNDAY POKEMON NEWS! From the actions of the person in a giant pokemon costume and the excited voice-over I’m thinking we should be really excited for what’s about to come on screen. Let’s take a look.

OH DEAR GOD IT BURNS! For the love of everything holy I hope the gameplay in the video above is from a really, really early build of the game because, as Jonathan Holmes pointed out, it looks like a first generation GameCube game. Now we all expect graphics like this from mini-game shovelware, but not from a Nintendo produced game on a Nintendo system. The Wii is your baby Nintendo, you can’t go around being half-assed like everyone else. This is even more so true for a game that basically involves walking around and exploring a park filled with Pokemon. That sh*t needs to be crisp, son.

OK, graphics aren’t everything the gameplay is going to be awes… no, wait. You play as Pikachu and befriend other Pokemon by playing mini-games in order to go on more advanced adventures with your befriended Pokemon. Those adventures better be the most epic things in the world if the game lands looking like this. 

[Via GoNintendo]

Matthew Razak