PokePark heads west? Aussie ratings says yes

HA! “PokePark” sounds like a pervert stalker’s dream. But it’s really PokéPark (see the little mark?), a Pokémon Wii game that never came out here. It’s based on an IRL theme park in Japan, so it kind of makes sense that the rest of the world wouldn’t get the game, but now it looks like it’s actually coming out as PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure.

Australia’s OFLC ratings board has rated the game G, for “General.” Yeah, no surprise there. The real surprise is that it was actually rated for the West.

The game is really f*cking cute, and is packed with a bunch of mini-games for Pikachu to frolic around and enjoy. In the video below the jump you can check out some of this virtual park’s attractions. The official Japanese webpage has an even better video.

There’s no release date for the west yet, but we know it’s coming. I hope there’s an Ekans wrestling minigame.

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