Pokemon Unite launches its low value $10-per-month membership

Pokemon Unite membership

The first premium membership skin is underwhelming at best

The Pokemon Unite membership program is now live, and sadly, it wasn’t really tweaked from its original leaked incarnation.

Now live worldwide, the Pokemon Unite membership program (called the “Unite Club”) costs $9.99 per month, which is a rather large disconnect compared to what other subscriptions offer. Here’s what you get:

  • A “first time membership benefit” of a trainer outfit
  • 40 gems a day (more on that later)
  • One premium skin a month (more on that in a moment)
  • Additional unite licenses each week (read: a few more “free rotation” characters, which is useless if you own them all)
  • Trial Holowear (skins) each week
  • Special portrait frames and speech bubbles
  • 10% off new fashion items

Don’t all cheer at once!

Naturally, these sorts of programs (like a similar one for Fortnite) come with a marquee monthly skin. And really, this is one of the most front-facing disappointing aspects of the Pokemon Unite membership. Like many Unite skins, this Greedent Holowear outfit can barely be considered a tweak from the original model.

Also, note this proviso: “you will receive 40 Aeos gems daily as a login bonus.” Digging into the FAQ, it’s important to note that even the membership program is a method of getting you to log in every day: “If you log in and forget to claim the bonus or if the bonus resets without you logging in, you will not be able to receive Aeos gems for the missed day.” TheĀ Fortnite membership service by comparison provides the equivalent of $10 worth of V-Bucks no questions asked, on a monthly basis (that isn’t drip-fed).

One more caveat to keep in mind: “Club membership benefits can only be received on the platform used to join.”

You can find a full FAQ on the membership here, if you are planning on getting it.

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