Pokemon Unite hits 70 million downloads worldwide

Pokemon Unite downloads

The game is still free-to-play

Pokemon Unite downloads have hit a whole new high, as The Pokemon Company reports that over 70 million people worldwide have grabbed the game. While the figure wasn’t broken down (and of course, does not denote active players), the number comes from a new Japanese YouTube ad (below), with the subtext that the 70 million Pokemon Unite downloads mark includes both the mobile and Switch editions.

As a whole, Pokemon Unite hasn’t changed much in the past few months. For the most part we just get a new character every so often (Azumarill is the latest), a typically polarizing limited-time event mode, and a whole bunch of login bonuses for some type of currency (music notes, cowboy paraphernalia, Easter eggs).

Because of that, like many seasonal games, I wander in and out depending on how fun the meta is at that current time. The excitement of nearly everyone I know playing it has gone, which is typical of free-to-play games like this that require less of an ongoing investment.

Still, Pokemon Unite does its job. It’s easy enough to jump back in, and I still log in regularly to get free rewards, which I’ve used to pick up new characters after they’ve been nerfed/buffed and settle into the meta. MOBA characters are premium real estate for free players!

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