Pokemon Sword and Shield’s latest max raid battle event can net you a shiny Wailord

It only lasts a few days

Pokémon Sword and Shield are pulling double-duty with events this week, with the recent BP-boosting online challenge that centers on the new DLC and another max raid battle activity.

This one is a bit different though, as the max raid festivities will only last a few days. It kicks off today and will run through July 20 at 7:59AM ET. The big draw this time around is water Pokémon (Mantyke, Carvanha, Pyukumuku, Frillish, Sharpedo, Krabby), but with one huge twist: you have a chance to encounter a shiny Wailord.

Think of it like a random rare chance of finding a Gigantamax raid battle, but…shiny! Note that you have to find that specific Wailord raid, then locate a shiny one. Intrepid players this weekend will likely find one anyway, but for everyone else: be wary of the encounter rate.

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