Pokemon Sword and Shield is running yet another free Pikachu event, here’s how to get it

It has a comet shard

Are you sick of free Pikachus yet? Too bad!

Despite the fact that we’ve had an entire string of free Pikachus recently, The Pokemon Company is trotting out their main mascot yet again for another Pokemon Sword and Shield promo. This time, it’s a KIBO Pikachu, which sports the wish, swift, thunderbolt, and celebrate abilities; and comes with a comet shard item.

So what is all of this for? It’s actually a promo from the 2021 “Space Sunrise” stream, which ran via the International Space Station right before the New Year in Japan: for some reason, Pokemon were also featured.

Don’t question it! Get your free rat. Head to the mystery gift section (receive from internet) of the game to claim it. You have until January 15, end of day.

Pokemon [Twitter via Serebii.net]

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