Pokemon Sword and Shield is holding new raid battle events that feature Kanto region Pokemon

It’ll run through March 1

Game Freak is still mixing up the whole max raid battle event schedule in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the next era has begun: but it’s going to be very brief.

This time the stakes are a little higher, as Kanto region (Generation 1) creatures are now scattered around the Wild Area raids. The event is live now, and will run through March 1 at 3:59PM PT: I said it was going to be brief, didn’t I? That’s not even a full week!

Note that the rules are a bit different for this raid event. So you can fully catch Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, as well as their secondary evolutions. But! You cannot catch the Mewtwo that is also live during the event: beating it will only grant you bonus items (which you can view in the galley below). As always, you’ll need to sync your game up using an online connection to do the latest raids.

Good luck! I already have the original trio and I’m only interested in fighting one Mewtwo just to see how it goes.

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