Pokemon Snap (view)finds itself on Wii U tomorrow

Being Todd Snap

After quite the time lapse, Pokemon Snap‘s finally getting some exposure again. Even though Nintendo’s attention is aimed at the upcoming Switch, the 1999 Pokemon photography game is the focus of an eShop addition.

Nintendo added an eShop page for Pokemon Snap that indicates it’ll come to the Wii U tomorrow in the US. It’s priced at $10. The Wii U version already released in Europe and Japan last year.

For anyone who’s unfamiliar, Pokemon Snap tasked players with traveling around Pokemon Island to take photos of 63 different pocket monsters in the wild. Once committed to film, Professor Oak would judge the pictures based on size, pose, technique, etc. There’s more to it than just shooting the camera, though. There are items to strategically use in order to lure the Pokemon into more photography-friendly situations.

Although this addition would’ve probably been best served with a release during the Pokemon Go mania, it’ll likely still do fine now. The sales performance of Pokemon Sun and Moon proved that people will gladly spend money on Pokemon right now. And Pokemon Go proved that those non-traditional offshoots are just as captivating. Pokemon Snap was doing that 20 years ago, and now it’ll do it again.

Pokemon Snap [Nintendo]

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