Pokemon S&M keeps top Japan games sales spot locked up

Pokemon stays stationary, necessary. Oh necessary, you’re primary

Seven new releases take up ten of the top eleven spots in this weeks sales figures for Japan. None of them got even a fourth the number of sales Pokémon Sun and Moon did despite being in it’s second week, selling a whopping 375,665 copies between November 21 and November 27, easily taking the top spot. Only perhaps Final Fantasy XV could’ve topped Pokémon‘s sales for this week, but we’ll have to wait til next week to compare. 

Second and third place belong to versions of that chibi Gundam game, SD Gundam G Generation Genesis. I was in line to try it out at Tokyo Game Show, but then I decided to go get a soda instead. I’m more interested in the other hundred billion Gundam games out there like the Breaker series, but  SD Gundam G Generation Genesis (I write the whole thing again because how am I supposed to abbreviate that? SDGGGG?) did outsell the lastest entry in another series with a hundred billion quadrillion games: Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru. Animal Crossing; New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo opened up at the number five spot selling over 16,000 copies.

Media Create Sales: 11/21/16 – 11/27/16 [Gematsu]

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