How to use Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Union Circle for multiplayer

Pokemon Scarlet Violet union circle

An easy guide to gathering the Poké-squad together

One of the big draws for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the multiplayer. Players can hang out together, fight fearsome Tera Raid battles, or just vibe at a picnic. And the Union Circle is how Pokemon Scarlet and Violet makes it all happen.

The Union Circle is the multiplayer hub for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It specifically lets players either join each other’s groups, or form ones of their own.

It’s easy enough to set up and use, and we’ll also walk you through some common pitfalls we ran into while playing multiplayer ourselves.

How to use the Union Circle in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Union Circle is accessible through both the Pokemon Centers dotted around the map, or through your in-game Poké Portal. I’ve usually opted to go for the physical monitors on the sides of the Centers, since you can fast-travel to one and there are a decent number. Just look for the big yellow circle and monitor, and hit the A button to access it.

Once inside, you’ll see a menu. From here, you can either make a group to invite others to, or join another’s group. Making a group will give you a code, made up of letters and numbers, to share with friends.

To get the party going, just have them punch it in on their end and connect. Once everyone is in, you can start it up. From here, you’ll be in a shared instance of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, able to explore together.

Some tips for setting up multiplayer

First off, make sure you’re connected to the internet. The L button is used to connect yourself up to the net, and you’ll need to be in Online Mode to invite others over from further out than your living room.

Secondly, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet multiplayer is not drop-in, drop-out. If someone disconnects, you’ll need to make a new group to link it all back up. Disconnections won’t automatically close the party unless it’s the host, though.

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