Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Meet your new professors

pokemon scarlet & violet professor sada turo

It’s about time…

We are just a few days out from the highly anticipated release of the newest entries in the indelible Pokemon franchise — And while Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are already getting fans giddy with their cool new critters, (let’s go, Gimmighoul!), it would be a shame not to pay equal attention to the game’s equally cool new professors, Sada and Turo.

The new professors will break with several long-standing traditions in the now decades-long Pokemon franchise. Firstly, each professor will be assigned to a certain game, with Professor Sada heading up Pokemon Scarlet while Professor Turo, will appear in Pokemon Violet. Additionally, particular attention should be paid to the characters names — which break from the typical usage of plants and trees, (See professors Burch, Juniper, Elm, and Sycamore for example), and instead become, for want of a better phrasing, a matter of time.

Professor Sada

Professor Sada, (which is a variant on the Spanish word for “Past”), is a Pokemon expert who resides in the Paldea region, and is recognized for her classic “prehistoric” visual design — all crazy hair, bone jewelry, and simplistic (but stylish), fur clothing. Despite her wild, cavewoman looks, Sada is nothing short of a genius, and will be a key figure in helping players on their odyssey through Pokemon Scarlet. Professor Sada is currently investigating the “Terastal Phenomenon”, an evolution that affixes powerful gemstones to Pokemon.

Professor Turo

Professor Turo, (which is a variant on the Spanish word for “future”, futuro), is Sada’s counterpart, and will host his respective title, Pokemon Violet. As his name denotes, Turo has something of a hi-tech, futuristic design, with a computerized bodysuit, (reminiscent of Disney’s Tron movies), and an overall much sleeker visual appearance. The two professors are the Paldea region’s resident experts and, whomever you choose, are equipped to guide you on your PokeQuest.

So, now players do not only have to select their title by starter Pokemon, but now they even have to pick their favorite professor. While I think both of these characters are pretty cool, I have to go with Prof. Sada. That wild look just appears to me. Make of that what you will.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launch November 18 on Nintendo Switch

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