Pokemon Scarlet and Violet preorder bonuses are getting flamed, and rightfully so

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet preorder bonus

Tell me you’re joking with this sad excuse for a Pokémon preorder bonus

It’s hard to find a more anticipated title than an upcoming mainline Pokémon game, and with the release of Scarlet and Violet in November, you could say fans are getting geared up for their next adventure. One thing fans weren’t ready for, however, were the preorder bonuses that would be offered along with the game — particularly for those who purchased their copy through Amazon. Those of us who do like to get our games ahead of time are used to bonuses like a cool poster, or maybe a t-shirt, or most commonly some cool, unique in-game items that you can flaunt in front of your non-preordering friends. But Amazon said “Nah, they don’t need all that,” and the fans are not here for it.

The problems started with an innocuous tweet from the Amazon Video Games account (via Kotaku), which featured an infographic of what players could expect from a Pokémon preorder through their store. The image boasts an “exclusive in-game Healing Set” that consists of ten Potions, ten Antidotes, and three Revives — you know, the super common healing items players find in the game.

I’m usually willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, but even the optimist in me has to admit that this is pretty pathetic. Players unsurprisingly took to the replies to share their thoughts, and I don’t blame them for getting snarky.

Japanese fans are getting physical artbooks with preorders, and in the meantime, we’re stuck with items you’ll be able to collect in the first hour of gameplay. Digital preorders also come with an Adventure Set as well, but it’s not much of an improvement with ten Potions, five Full Heals, three Revives, three Ethers, one Rare Candy, and one Nugget.

They really buried the lede, too, because the coolest bonus players can get is a cool crystal Pikachu, as long as you order before February 28, 2023.

I think in this case, I’m just gonna forgo a Pokémon preorder altogether and get it on release day like a chump. I’ll still get my crystal Pikachu, at least.

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