Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia screenshots and information: Oi, pay attention!

Yes, I know it’s not as exciting as The Conduit (first “party,” haha Cammie) or the new Mario & Luigi (yay!), but some of us weren’t around to get the good stuff so we’re left with the rest of it.

Here we are then. Just me and Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, taking place in a brand new region called — you guessed it — Almia. How many bloody Regions has this game got, anyway? Anyway, you’re a Pokémon Ranger who goes around helping people and nature — the kind of thing a tosser does. Not doing cool stuff, like punching Squirtles in the face. 

You will be able to partner up with different Pokémon and catch them using the Styl … sorry, the “Capture Styler” to draw circles around them. It will be the first game in the Ranger series to feature Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl.

Why am I even writing this? How many of you are even reading it? Fine … just go and read about Club Nintendo again.

James Stephanie Sterling