Pokemon Quest’s mobile port earns a ridiculous $8 million in one month

Not even including the Switch version

Leave it to the Pokemon name to bring in mounds of cash. Just one month after launching on mobile devices, Pokemon Quest (spin-off tapper of the Pokemon series) has earned over $8 million in revenue. According to Sensor Tower (a website dedicated to tracking mobile app performance), while daily spending has slowed, Quest is still racking up some impressive numbers for Nintendo.

The majority of spending on the game comes from the Japanese market (around 34%) with the United States coming in second (at 24%). In a surprising twist, 66% of the revenue has come from iOS users as opposed to Android’s 44%. If you notice with that statistic, these numbers aren’t even including the performance of the Nintendo Switch port that launched a month earlier (and has likely drawn in some crazy numbers).

As I said above, momentum of the app has slowed since its first week of being available on the App and Google Play stores. While Quest earned around $580,000 in one day close to launch, its daily totals are around $30,000 between both platforms now. That is still quite impressive, especially since it brought in around $3 million during its first week.

Pokémon Quest Revenue on Mobile Reaches $8 Million After One Month [Sensor Tower]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.