Which Pokemon title holds the fondest memories for you?


Cblogs of 5/14 to 5/20/2022

BRAV0 F1VE reflects on the often comfortable and steady success of the Pokemon franchise.

TheCooperators reflect on how mobile gaming is starting to become more attractive to hardcore gamers.

RoomWithaMoose thinks looks at the problems with the Ubisoft design philosophy and its squandered potential (also talks about Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze).

Flegma shares their impression on hobbyist console, Evercade VS.

Tomosbach releases their game, Phil, as a free demo on Steam.

TroyFullbuster share their thoughts on Super Mario 64: The Lost Dreams, a famous ROM hack of the famous game.

Lord Spencer writes about Mega Man 3 as part of his Mega Man series retrospective blogs.

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PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Ocarina of Time and Caribbean Music.

ChronoLynxx opens this week’s TGIF thread for open community discussion.

A nice varied selection of blogs this week! Thanks to Lord Spencer for providing this week’s recap and, as always, thanks to all of our dear readers for their thoughts and opinions. If you wanna join the HOT TAKE party, then simply mosey on over to the Cblogs section and have your say. You will find yourself recapped on this here front page next week.

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