Use this code to get 90 free Poke Balls in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

free poke balls

Who doesn’t love free Poke Balls?

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Game Freak has been on a roll as of late with its last two Pokémon titles absolutely tearing up the sales chart and dominating the conversation on social media. The experiment that is Pokémon Legends: Arceus seems to have paid off in spades even if plenty of YouTubers are making a career for themselves bashing on the game. But screw the haters. If you love the game, you have plenty of reasons to keep playing. Game Freak announced the Ver. 1.1.0 update, i.e. the Daybreak Update, will launch today adding new story elements to the game. And to help you get through this new content, Game Freak is giving out free Poke Balls to all players.

Specifically, it’s giving out 90 free Poke Balls. Players who use the code ARCEUSADVENTURE will receive 30 Ultra Balls, 30 Gigaton Balls, and 30 Jet Balls. That’s a lot of balls!

free poke balls

Players have until March 31, 2022, to use the password and claim the free balls. That gives people like me who haven’t had a chance to pick up the game plenty of time to get these goodies. In order to unlock the Mystery Gift feature in Arceus, you will need to play for at least two hours. That shouldn’t be a problem for most people given how addictive people on social media have made this game out to be.

Additionally, Game Freak revealed during today’s Pokémon Presents video that a new animated series set in the Hisui region is now in development.

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