Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver getting magic pedometer

Just in case you needed more incentive to pick the Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes this fall, let it be known that you will be getting a bonus pedometer packed into the box. Speaking as someone who actually owned the Pokémon Pikachu pedometer (back when I was less fat and knew what walking was), this is interesting news indeed.

The Poké Walker is a special peripheral that can beam infrared signals to your DSi via the game cart (thanks, Reenee). You can use the Walker to carry Pokémon around, and they will gain experience with your footsteps. You’ll also earn “watts,” which act as currency for the game.

Sounds fun. Perhaps I’ll actually bother to go outside for once if I have this. That, or I’ll just shake the thing in my hand and laugh gleefully at how I broke the system and am lying to each and every Pokémon I lovingly raise.

Jim Sterling