Pokemon Go’s long-delayed trading feature is now live

Go trade, traders

I can’t think of any game in recent memory that’s waxed and waned as much as Pokemon Go, at least in my household. It was a rush to play at the height of its popularity, when anyone and everyone was going out and learning about various pocket monsters — from people who had never even touched the series before to veterans that can recite the Pokerap from memory.

After a few months of connection issues, fighting helpful mods, and general stagnation on any substantial content or even timelines people dropped it; but the bucket loads of money Niantic earned from that initial rush (and remaining dedicated fanbase)  has helped fuel development for nearly two years now. That’s two long years without trading, a basic feature teased before the app was even released — a tease no more as of this week. S

Niantic pushed the trading update live, and as long as you’re level 33-40, a range that will be altered as time passes, you can take advantage of it. Now we just need a handful of other features and the concept that Go was sold as will mostly be complete.

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