Pokemon Go’s June community day is all about the lazy Slakoth

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Kicks off on June 8

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One of the best things Niantic has implemented in Pokemon Go is the “community day” concept.

Originally debuting back in 2018, the idea is to offer one day a month for players to earn enhanced rewards or catch specific Pokemon. Naturally a lot of dormant players actually show up for it, giving it a true “community” feel. This month’s community day has come and gone (May 19 was Torchic), and now June 8 will welcome Slakoth into the fray.

Basically all you need to do is play the game on June 8 from 3PM to 6PM and you’ll have a better chance of finding Slakoth. Niantic also says that “lures will last for three hours and Eggs placed in Incubators will hatch four times faster.” Odds are if you’re in an active area you’ll see more players out than usual: so I highly recommend giving it a shot if you’re wanting to get back into the game casually.

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