Pokemon GO will soon let players battle one another

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You’ve spent the past two years proving you’re perfectly capable of catching them. Soon, it will be time to prove you know how to put those Pokémon to good use. You haven’t just been capturing them just to put them in little spherical cages, have you?

Niantic has teased trainer battle PvP implementation for Pokémon Go for a while now. It seems as though this much-wanted feature is somewhat imminent. Niantic tweeted about it this morning:

Of course, “soon” isn’t exactly a hyper-specific time frame. But, it’s the near future and it’s before long. Players shouldn’t have to wait much more.

Maybe this is a bit too ambitious but Niantic is running its monthly Pokémon Go Community Day this weekend. That’d be a sensible first place to introduce trainer battles — all those players in close proximity as they stroll through the park in search of shiny Pokémon.

Regardless of when it happens, it’ll be fascinating to see how this tapping-based mobile game handles PvP. Traditionally, it’s games like the newly-released Pokémon Let’s Go with full RPG elements that focus on fighting. Niantic’s take will almost certainly be a deviation from what most Pokémon players are used to.

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