Pokemon Go wants to dominate your lunch hour

‘Legendary Lunch Hour’

Pokémon Go wants you to ditch your sad office lunch and your meaningless office smalltalk. Anyone who’s fortunate enough to get an hour-long break in the middle of the workday will soon find themselves with a little extra incentive to spend it outside.

Niantic has a new scheme to get people playing Pokémon Go over lunch. It’s called Legendary Lunch Hour, and it’s quite straightforward. On March 13, Pokémon Go will see an increased number of raids from 12pm to 1pm in your local timezone. That’s it. There are more battle raid opportunities, and, theoretically, more people to raid alongside.

For now, it’s a one-time event. However, Niantic says it’d like to make this a weekly occurrence if there’s enough interest. It sure beats sitting at your desk and browsing Destructoid! Wait.

Legendary Lunch Hour: A new experiment! [Pokemon Go] 

Brett Makedonski
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